Nita Kaha

Nita Kaha

Owner & director
Teacher Bachata Dominican, sensual, Bachtastreethop, Dance Fitness instructor, choreographer, Amsterdam Touch Director, mentor dance teacher course

By teaching dance and fitness classes I aim to move, inspiring as many as possible people to put effort for their health, happiness and self development

Nita Kaha

About me

“You’re just like a monkey kid.”
That’s what my mom told when I was a very young girl.

I liked to dance, sing, doing acrobatic and enjoy any move I made.

While all wild impulsive behavior was gone slowly when I grew up, my desire to dance, to exercise, to tell, show people the beauty of arts, things, creatures are never gone.

Raised by a single mom in Indonesia who worked hard to cover the family need, left no room for me to take luxurious thing such as dance or sport class, but the will, the dream, the effort to dance and learning was there, always was.

At the age of 15, during my bachelor study, I was asked to assist teaching a weekly course at the elementary school which I did until many years later.

Meanwhile I graduated from different studies, found job, quit job, starting a family, stayed exercise until the combination of job and having young kids took almost my time and wellbeing.

Quit exercising caused me a new desease, bronchitis.

None of the classical medical helped until I started jogging regularly and the desease dissappeared for good.

Knowing that body exercise helps to keep you stay healthy, body and mind, I couldn’t wait to tell, coach and teach fitness class After the completion of school for fitness and dance, I have teached dance fitness class since 2010.

Getting in touch with Bachata

As one of the styles I taught in my fitness class in Salsa, I took Salsa class back in 2012 The same dance school offered Bachata Dominican courses

What I love from Bachata

In general, I love African dance because the movements are so natural, full of free styles/creativity, no show off, it represents culture, social life , the emotion, the energy, of both of the music and dancers. As Bachata Dominican has its roots in African dance, it took right away to make me fall in love with this dance style.

It makes me forget the hard day I have, I can lose my creativity,emotion,  connect with my dance partner, music and the space where I am


I was hungry, thirsty to learn more, diving in the history, culture, musicality of Bachata Dominican

  • After attending Bachata Dominican class for 1.5 year, I decided to take the 4 year teacher course at Estilos Unidos Ronald & Alba Alicante which I completed
  • During my study, I also took classes and graduated from Bachata sensual teacher classes of Korke & Judith to teach beginner, intermediate & advanced classes (graduated 2019)
  • Bachata, Salsa teacher classes from Deisy Carreira BSK Madrid (graduated 2018)
  • Alex & Desiree Bachata Dominican teacher course (2019)
  • Carlos Cinta Bachata fundamental & musicality classes (completion 2019)
  • DA Rotterdam teachers class


  • Director Dance & Sport Pleasure 2010 – now
  • Dance fitness instructor since 2010 – now
  • Bachata teacher since 2017
  • Fire Dance Bachata teacher academy mentor since 2018
  • Director Amsterdam Touch
  • Choreographer Bachata dance shows
  • Choreographer dance fitness
  • National & international Bachata show dancer Fire Dance Bachata Dominican lady show team & Amsterdam Touch
  • Bachata events organizer since 2012
  • Director, Finance Manager Fire Dance Academy

My goal in teaching

Dancing, exercising has helped me surviving deseases, feeling happy and keep on being challenged to learn and develop myself

By teaching dance and fitness classes I aim to move, inspiring as many as possible people to put effort for their health, happiness and self development

A while ago my friend asked me: “Until when do you want to give classes? Do you see yourself doing this when you are 80?” YES, I DO, DEFINITELY

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