Djulyan van der Mee

Djulyan van der Mee

Owner, salesmanager and dance training manger
Bachata fusion: Dominican, sensual, Bachastreethop and moderna.

One of my goals in teaching is to make sure that every dancer will bring out the best of themselves.

Djulyan van der Mee

About me

My name is Djulyan van der Mee, I’m 20 years old and I live in Den Helder.

I study Human Movement Science in Amsterdam and besides dancing my hobbies are athletics and tennis.
I teach Bachata fusion: Dominican, sensual, Bachastreethop and moderna.

Getting in touch with Bachata

Only a few years ago I never expected I was ever going to dance, because I thought it wouldn’t be something for me.
But after a lot of attempts of my mother to get me to the dance floor I went with her to try it out and with success!

I started with salsa but the first time I heard bachata I immediately fell in love with the music. I got totally addicted to it and I started practicing almost every day moves of the one and only Ataca and La Alemana.

What I love from Bachata

I like Bachata a lot to dance on parties, I love the connection you create with your dance partner and especially the fun you have together during the dance.

Because of Bachata, I have a transformation from someone who has nothing to do with dancing to someone who’s dancing every day, that’s why I’m ready to spread the Bachata virus! Besides it’s a massive boost for your self confidence and you make a lot of new friends.

Education & Experience

  • Teaching allround Bachata styles: Dominican, sensual, Bachastreethop, moderna
  • Winner Bachata Fuego Bachata talenten battle March 2019
  • 1 year Fire Dance Allround Bachata teacher academy
  • Bachata Dominican Course
  • Bachata Moderna course

My goal in teaching

My goals in teaching are first of all to make sure that every dancer will bring out the best of themselves.
Besides it is the connection you make with your dance partner so you can have fun together and enjoy your time dancing.

And last but nog least there are many different styles of Bachata and I want to ensure that every dancer master every style so they only have to listen and adjust their style to the music.

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