John Chan

John Chan

Teacher Bachata Fusion: (Dominican, Sensual, Moderna), cameraman

Dancing is good for your cognitive ability and is the ultimate brain training.

John Chan

About me

Working for a large company in my daily life.

Weekly I’m going to the gym regularly and I’m going to dance in the weekend.

My enthusiasm for dancing was encouraged/arised by my partner to follow dance (salsa) lessons.

Started with salsa LA and later on Cuban. Both styles gained much experiences with various teachers with their own developed dance style.

Getting in touch with Bachata

Acquaintance with Bachata was the song ‘Bachata Rosa’ by Juan Luis Guerra and especially when I broke my leg.

I slipped out on the last step of the stairs and the tendon under the left knee was tore through the middle.

During the 9-month rehabilitation I studied the origin of Bachata. Immediately after the recovery I took Dominican Bachata lessons. The music is amazing. 

After visiting ‘Paris 2017 Bachata Festival’, Bachata Sensual also belongs to my dance collection. 

What I love from Bachata

The diversity of different dance styles and types of music that you can dance to.

The advanced and creative Bachata ‘footwork’ dance style from Dominican Republic is my passion.

Sensual new style: The wave and body isolation movements, and the various complex technics they are using inspire me.


  • Fire Dance Academy allround Bachata teacher academy 2018-2019
  • Bachata Dominican course (2 year)
  • International Bachata workshops and bootcamps from wellknown Bachata artists


  • Winner Bachata Fuego battle of the Bachata talents November 2017
  • Bachata Dance teacher since 2019 styles: Sensual, Moderna, Dominican
  • Teaching Bachata Dominican / Moderna workshop
  • Teaching workshop Salsa and Bachata in companies

My goal in teaching

Sharing my dance experience. If it succeeds you are happy, but I am the happiest.

Dancing is good for your cognitive ability and is the ultimate brain training.

Let the music tell you what to do.
YES, everyone can dance.

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